Urban Agriculture Center
Spring 2013
Instructor: Mona Ghandi

Location: SOMA, San Francisco

GoodFood is an urban community center based around the education, production, and consumption of sustainable food and agricultural practices. Private, institutional, and public functions share the site; commissary kitchens, a research garden, classrooms, a food hall, etc. The scheme expresses sunlight exposure in the form of a structural space frame with gradient density, which supports shading devices, glazing, and an occupiable double skin. The building is disrupted by a faceted atrium, providing a connection to the street, acting as a boundary of public/private, large/small, assisting with daylighting, and supporting a winding central staircase. Reinterpreting ‘public space’ as an experience, this central stairway acts as the centerpiece for circulation and public experience. Wrapping itself inside of the atrium, the stairway transforms the ascent to the rootop garden as a series of adjacencies, introducing occupants to each distinct programmed space with considered moments of proximity, transparency and opacity. The atrium extends into the major public spaces; auditorium, gallery, and food hall, in the form of a triangulated drop ceiling.


Explore a schematic 3D model below (beta).